Primary school children from County Durham started the new school year in style, as they took part in a bespoke sports festival and team building session organised by Foundation of Light. 250 children from Blackhall Primary School took part in a range of activities - including football, dance and table tennis – designed to create a positive start to the new academic year by having fun with friends and meeting their new teachers in a relaxed and informal environment. Headteacher Mrs Clark said “We have had an absolutely fantastic day. The idea is that some children feel a little bit apprehensive about coming back to school, whereas other children are very confident.
We’re trying to get everyone excited about being back, so we’ve worked with the Foundation of Light to create a sports day, which is also a team building day, based on a carousel of age appropriate activities.
Mrs Clark, Headteacher
“The children have come here really excited, all in their brand-new PE kit. The Year 4’s were particularly pleased as they started with football this morning, and I saw some of the Year 1’s kicking a ball into a bouncy castle – a childhood dream on a first day of school. “I feel that we have achieved what we hoped, as the children were so excited getting onto the bus this morning and sitting next to their friends - yes in their new classes and yes with their new teachers but on their very first day after six weeks off, they are not feeling scared, they’re not sat behind a desk worried about what the next instruction is. They are having fun; they’re learning; they’re being healthy. What more could you ask for? “Today, just looking around, going in every room and seeing the children’s faces I can see that they are having a fantastic time. I really recommend it to any school.” To view the interview in full visit our YouTube channel.
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