Family Learning

AGE: Adults and children
WHEN: School term time
LOCATION: Multiple Locations
CATEGORY: Adult and Family Learning

Foundation of Light supports families through a range of fun, interactive courses to help parents, grandparents and carers support their child’s development, whilst strengthening the family bond.

Ten-week courses focuses on various topics relating to child development, health and well-being, mental health awareness, healthy cooking in partnership with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, maths, English and finance.

Each session involves a range of classroom-based and physical activities delivered by highly qualified tutors and coaches, using the power of football and the Sunderland AFC brand to inspire and support families.

Learners will also be given the opportunity to progress into a range of Foundation of Light programmes, depending on your goals.

Below are the various courses currently on offer:

Family Learning Maths and Family Learning English:
Aimed at families with children learning at Key Stage 2, this fun and engaging course allows children and adults to develop their maths skills, as well as problem solving and communication, through solving clues to identify the culprit in a hypothetical crime. 

Family Learning Mental Wellbeing:
Designed to equip families with the knowledge, skills and strategies to support their emotional wellbeing. Topics covered include developing good self-esteem and confidence, developing resilience, how feelings can affect behaviour and where to go when you need help.

Family Learning Healthy Cooking:
Delivered in conjunction with Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, this practical cooking course allows adults and children to develop their basic cooking skills, improve their knowledge of food and nutrition, and strengthen relationships and communication. Families will cook a range of food from around the world, with all equipment and ingredients provided.

Family Learning Body Image & Self-Esteem:
Aiming to raise awareness of how body image and self-esteem can impact mental health. Adults will explore the factors that can both positively and negatively impact how we view ourselves in today’s world. 

Family Learning Stay Safe Online:
Equipping adults with the knowledge and skills to keep their family safe online. The course will explore popular apps, social media platforms, games and websites used by children and young people today. Adults will be introduced to key terminology used in the digital world today as well common scams and pitfalls.

Family Learning Disability Awareness:
This course is designed to support parents who have a child who has recently been given a diagnosis of a disability or waiting for a diagnosis via CAHMs or CYPS. Parents will gather information on various conditions, common traits, strategies to support and local opportunities to access.

Family Learning Cooking on a Budget:
During these unprecedented times of cost-of-living crisis, with energy and food bills increasing, this course intends to support families to find ways to shop and eat well on a budget. Through demonstrations, tasks, discussions and activities, the course aims to equip adults with the skills and knowledge to shop savvy and cook efficiently. 

Family Learning Support with SATs:
This course intends to raise awareness of the topics their children will be required to study for their SATs exams in year 2. Parents will have the opportunities to practice the strategies and techniques children are required to use to complete homework and assessments.

Venue: Beacon of Light, various schools


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