Evening and weekend courses at the Beacon

Evening and weekend courses at the Beacon

April has been an action-packed month for the Foundation of Light and now we have some exciting evening and weekend courses coming your way.

Kicking off on Monday 25 April - we have a range of courses available, suitable for children of all ages.

Does the above sound appealing? The good news doesn't stop there. Each of our courses lasts for approximately four weeks, so why not put your feet up, relax, and give your child an experience they will never forget.

Here is what is happening at the Beacon of Light:

  • Football - 1:1 coaching
  • Little Skills
  • Little Dribblers 
  • WildCats 

And, much, much more.

Bookings can be made on Foundation of Light’s brand-new online booking system following the steps below:

  • Click the course you want to book
  • Select ‘I’m buying for someone else’ then ‘Add to Basket’
  • The window will close as the course is added to your basket.
  • Click basket icon at top right of screen and then follow the instructions to set up your account.
  • Once you fill in your details (you will only be asked to do this once) you will be sent a confirmation email with a verification link to click.
  • After clicking the verification link in your email, come back to the checkout page and add the details of the person you are booking the course for via the ‘Add New Person’ button.
  • Continue to emergency contact and consents page, once completed, answer additional questions.
  • Once answered, proceed to payment, choosing PayPal or Debit / Credit Card options to complete the booking.

Once you have set up your account, the next time you make a booking you will choose the ‘sign-in’ option and the booking process will be much quicker.