Foundation of Light partner with BornGood

Foundation of Light partner with BornGood
Sunderland Association Football Club and Foundation of Light have collaborated on a  two-year Digital Inclusion Partnership with BornGood, a leading player in sustainable IT solutions.
Set for the next two seasons, this groundbreaking collaboration signals BornGood's commitment to championing digital support, sustainability, and community welfare.
The partnership encompasses a comprehensive range of initiatives, a festive Christmas laptop offer to supporters, and dedicated visibility in matchday programmes.
BornGood's contribution extends beyond the digital realm with the provision of £30,000 worth of laptops and desktop PCs for the Beacon of Light.This accessible resource will support various SAFC initiatives, such as the digital ticket project and turnstile test service, while also aiding Foundation of Light's range of digital skills and Family Learning projects.
Foundation of Light CEO, Lesley Spuhler, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with BornGood to be able to offer digital support to not only young people and families that we already work with but also those who visit the Stadium of Light and Beacon of Light on matchday. 
"The project is a great way for us to offer our support, while championing sustainability.”
This collaboration stands as a testament to BornGood's unwavering commitment to community impact, sustainability, and technological advancement. As a Digital Inclusion Partner, BornGood looks forward to an exciting journey of innovation, digital empowerment, and shared success with Sunderland AFC and Foundation of Light.

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