Learners present innovations for Harrison Challenge 2024

Learners present innovations for Harrison Challenge 2024

Foundation of Light Study Programme learners have been putting their innovation to the test in this year’s Harrison Challenge.

Students have been tasked with pitching an idea to improve a piece of technology that they may use day-to-day.

The groups have been working on their presentations for the first stage of the challenge, with the finalists set to present their ideas at True Potential.

Alyxander Memon and Aidan Coverdale have been considering how mobile phones could be used to improve personal safety.

On the challenge, Alyxander said: “We’ve been working on the challenge for the past four weeks, and we’re just getting around to the overall creation of the presentation.

“It has definitely helped develop our creativity skills because it makes you think outside the box. Most of the time you look at technology and think it is fine as it is, but the Harrison Challenge helped us realise that because something is good, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon.”

“I have severe stage fright, so I’m horrified,” Aleyxander added on delivering his presentation.

“But it will be a good experience to try and develop my confidence in speaking and presenting.”

Another student taking part in this year’s challenge is Nushrath Begum.

“This is something really new for us,” she commented on the opportunities that the Harrison Challenge has provided.

“It has really helped us think outside the box and allowed us to think about innovation which we wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to do.

“I think my communication skills are already really good, so doing a presentation is exciting.”

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