Rest in Peace Charlie Hurley

Rest in Peace Charlie Hurley

Foundation of Light were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Charlie Hurley, one of the greatest players in the history of Sunderland AFC. Our Chair of Trustees and former SAFC Chairman, Sir Bob Murray, would like to share the following tribute:

“Charlie Hurley was one of my all-time heroes. I have always been awestruck by his ability and unbelievable loyalty. He was elegant and graceful on the pitch and even more so in person. He could have played for any team in the country but wanted to stay at Sunderland.

“When I became chairman, I wanted to meet him as soon as I could. I wanted to get to know him, his wife Joan and daughters and for Charlie to know how welcome they would always be at our club. It was why I named the Charlie Hurley Centre after him too.

“His lovely daughters could never believe just how much he was adored and idolised here. I was very fond of him and we became very good friends and never lost touch when I left the club.

“He used to tell me about getting on the bus with the supporters at Ryhope when he was playing for Sunderland. And he used to joke that the older he got, the better player he became, because of the amazing reaction he always got when he visited Sunderland.

“Knowing Charlie was one of my greatest privileges.”

Sir Bob Murray CBE